Special Hurricane Relief Effort: BOYS & GIRLS HARBOR (HOUSTON)

100 Men Club opened up a special fundraising effort to support hurricane relief in Houston after the devastation from Hurricane Harvey. Several of our members contributed and were able to put together $2,500 to a very worth charity from the Houston community.

BOYS & GIRLS HARBOR provides homes for children in need, regardless of race, creed, color or financial status. While every child's story varies, most have been abused, neglected or abandoned. Each year the Harbor hosts over 100 boys and girls with the average length of stay between two and three years. Hurricane Harvey not only caused damaged to their homes, but wiped out many of the children's personal items. Our donation will go a long way in supporting their rebuilding efforts.

Fall 2017 Meeting Winner: HOCKEY HAS HEART

An incredible, heartfelt night at a beautiful venue on St Clair Shores. With well over 140 members, we were able to make a large impact on a charity/cause.


  • Vets Returning Home ( Providing temporary shelter and support to displaced vets and their families (presented by Chris Charron).
  • Heavenly Hope International ( Providing support and resources to victims and survivors of sex trafficking (presented by Greg Avesian).
  • Hockey Has Heart ( Supporting hockey families struggling with medical expenses due to illness or accident (presented by Rich Gunther).


HOCKEY HAS HEART, who is comprised of a small group of volunteers that since 2003 have raised over $2 million for Michigan hockey families facing life altering challenges. Most distributions are $10,000 or less and usually cover medical expenses or lost wages. One of our current members, Jim Mastronardi, has personally seen the tremendous impact this organization has in improving peoples' lives. Jim's nephew and Godson, Anthony Mastronardi, is courageously recovering from severe injuries sustained on the ice - please read his story.

Summer 2017 Meeting Winner: SHADES OF PINK FOUNDATION

Another outstanding meeting held June 8th, 2017 in Royal Oak with 40 attendees and wonderful camaraderie. After a subsequent front page FREEP article, our membership is soaring along with donations looking to exceed our $10,000 goal for the winner.


  • Shades of Pink Foundation ( Non-medical financial support for women in need while undergoing breast cancer treatment (presented by Dennis Wade).
  • Bloomfield SCAMP ( 5 Week Summer Program for individuals with disabilities (presented by Will Haines).
  • Dynamic Kids ( Private tutoring center for children with unique learning needs (presented by Mike Donoughe).



SHADES OF PINK FOUNDATION, which helps breast cancer patients who are experiencing financial distress due to their diagnosis and treatment. To date, they have awarded more than $1.6 million to patients in need to pay for things like mortgage payments, rent, transportation, or insurance premiums. Please visit for more information. 

Spring 2017 Meeting Winner: SOAR DETROIT

Our first event held June 8th, 2017 was a stunning success.  10 charities were submitted from members, 3 were randomly selected for consideration, and over $7,500 was donated to the winner.


  • COTS, the Coalition on Temporary Shelter.  (  Provides temporary shelter to families who are homeless. (Member Sponsor - Rod Spearin)
  • Freedom House Detroit.  (  A temporary home for survivors of persecution from around the world who are seeking asylum in the United States and Canada. (Member Sponsor - John Miller)
  • SOAR Detroit.  (  Providing literacy tutoring services for helping the youth of Detroit achieve their potential.  (Member Sponsor - Roger Gudobba)



SOAR DETROIT, focused on improving the reading skills of Detroit's inner-city children. Recent reading results for Detroit Public Schools (2013) show that about 25 percent of Detroit fourth-graders tested at or above basic reading levels. The SOAR program can improve their reading by an average of 2+ grade levels in just one year of tutoring, dramatically increasing their chances of finishing school. Please visit for more information.